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Medical, industrial laundry...

Used as both an anti-vibration bellow to insulate machines like scanners in the medical milieu and as industrial laundry equipment...; the utilisation as bellow against vibration is widespread in the industrial sector.

Agrofood and animal husbandry

Where hygiene and resistance issues are at the heart of the production process, as for example in bottling milk, Pneumatis’ Stainless steel bellows are THE ultra-resistant answer for applications of this kind.

Suspension for pantographs

An environment where conditions are extreme and standards are drastic, high-speed trains require products that meet all rail industry standards.

The requirements for pantograph products mean that Pneumatis’ bellows are high technology and top-quality products.

Steel mills, saw mills...

In difficult environments (involving steel or wood), where loads are heavy and sometimes high temperature, the problem of shock absorption is often at the heart of the difficulties encountered.

The Rail sector, primary suspensions

Suspensions for bogeys for trains and trams. Standards in the rain sector are stringent. Pneumatis’ quality in this sector has been proven.

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