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 4,500 square meters of warehouse space and more than

30,000 references in stock

We work for you and with you

Pneumatis’ logistics experts coordinate all activity related to the movement of goods, working in such varied areas as processing, packaging, storage and of course distribution, to ensure the best possible delivery process for our clients.

Our headquarters is located between Paris and Normandy. Thus, Pneumatis is ideally situated for its clients and partners.

An integrated design office

Present in France, in the very heart of our company, the Design Office uses the most recent tools, qualified engineers, and quality control experts.

Guarantors that our products will be tracked and followed at every phase, the design office engineers are in constant contact with the company’s staff on the ground.

Specific development that responds to the client’s specifications

In a nutshell

When a new need arises for a client, we design and develop a concept that conforms to its directives and specifications.

In certain sectors, such as the food industry, the requirements relating to cleaning and respect for the environment are stringent. Compliance required no water retention in the upper plate after the machines were washed and rinsed.

Equipped with our experience and the know-how of our design office, we were able to complete a new project and, most importantly, to meet the client’s requirements.

The creation of a solid plate in stainless steel satisfied in all respects the requirements in the client’s specifications.

Coherence and communication between Pneumatis’ various departments and our clients enables us to respond promptly when needed.

Attentiveness and professionalism are important factors in developing your applications.

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