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Ancre 1


The option of stainless steel bellows, available in a removable version, comes with rings and plates in ultra-resistant stainless steel.

With a diameter of 4'' 1/4 to 16'' (Ø110mm to Ø400mm), with a choice of 1, 2 or 3 convolutions(s), and a choice of materials compatible with your applications (Standard, Chlorobutyl and Epichlore).

Ancre 2


The crimped bellows is the right solution for lower-altitude installations.

With greater resistance and longevity, it requires no maintenance.

A range with a diameter of 6'' to 16'' (Ø135mm to Ø400mm), available in 1 and 2 convolutions (s) and 3 convolutions according to the diameter selected.

For example, a bellows with a 6'' x 2 to 6 bar exerts a force of 203 to 624 daN in function of its height.

Ancre 3


Available in 1, 2 or 3 convolutions, in steel or aluminium, the removable bellows by Pneumatis covers a diameter range of 2''3/4 to 26'' (Ø70mm to Ø660mm).

Also available in a High Temperatures version, integrating higher universal properties, a high resistance to fluids and extreme temperatures.

A choice for convolutions

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